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being a conservative teacher

I'm a teacher in the CA Bay Area, and I'm a conservative. Not always a comfortable thing to be. Take the election, for example. About half the staff were liberals who styled themselves as independents, or somehow above politics, but thought Obama was profound and brilliant and, well, above politics. Most of the rest were undeniably partisan, and the Palin jokes flew thickly in the staff room. At least one is a self-identified socialist. Then there was me.

I really don't care. I knew what I was getting into, politically speaking, when I entered this profession in this part of the state. And surprisingly, the thing I was worried about most - dealing with the teacher's unions, and serving my 'best interests' as an education vs my best interests as a citizen - hasn't come up.

Until today.

The gov't of California wants us to pass 1A in the May special ballot election. They call it something like the 'budget stabilization act' or some BS like that... basically, according to analysts, it builds up the state's "rainy day" funds by extending the recent tax increases for another 2 years.

We got a flier this afternoon exhorting local union members to support IA because, paraphrasing, then the district won't have a $12 million budget deficit! It's the magic pill, the solution to all our problems!

Being one of the 26,000 CA teachers who got pink slipped last month, that's pretty meaningful to me. But I have to stand behind my principles and continue to oppose it because what it means for the taxpayers of this state. Including me.

The thing that really infuriated me was this part of the flier:
[School name] staff needs to commit to a day for phone banking between April 27 and May 18. [Local union prez] has cell phones for us to use during this time. Instead of having to stay for a certain period of time, we just need to meet a call quota and then we get to go home. These are not cold calls. We are touching base with voters who normally are supportive of schools and just reminding them to get out and vote. There will also be a script for us to read. [Emphais added]

This just amazed me. I will continue to stand up against 1A, even if it means going up against co-workers on the issue, but the language here just amazed me.

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