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24 liveblogging

Previously blah blah blah

Jack you are such a martyr.

Oh Tony... *sighs*

Jonas is a goober.

You know, I actually do feel kind of sad about Larry dying. Agent Doofus was starting to show a little promise. And what a crappy way to die.

Sexy Female Lawyer. Yawn. Saw this on the interwebs.

Hunh. That's different.

Hee, they did that on National Treasure, sorta.

Janeane Garafolo YOU SUCK. Okay, just had to get that off my chest.

Self-inflicted wounds, eh Tony? Nothing that'll hold up in court, of course, but I imagine he's not too worried about that.

Man, Jack is going to be SO PISSED. Renee too. I wonder which one of them is going to get to kill Tony. Assuming he dies (for real) this season -- it seems kind of a waste of a good villian.

Kim, you're leaving? YOU SUCK ALMOST AS MUCH AS JANIS.

Aw. Poor Renee. She needs a hug.

Instant promotion!

Whoa the background sound just totally changed. Weird.

Poor Jack. He also needs a hug. Also a cure.

J/R scene! Renee is awesome in charge.

You know, she's got the Jack Bauer I Don't Feel Anything thing down pretty well.


Tony you are a heartless bastard, aren't you?

"I'm going with you." "Jack--" "I'm not getting out."



Back to Evil Sexy Female Lawyer. Yawn.

Mom President and her stupid daughter. Yawn.

Jon Voight. Yawn.

Hm, this must be one of his bosses or something. Or their mouthpiece. Or assassin. She gonna ace him?

Yup, aced.

Next head baddie. I'm going to need a funky nickname for him.

Hm, Evil SFL knows Tony.

Aww Jack is trying to have a Talk with her.

Who were the 2 partners in a row he lost?

"Don't try to pretend like you're not feeling anything." Oh, like you're one to talk, Jack.

Hmm, Tony looks a little nervous that Jack is there.

Hm, is Jack going to notice an inconsistency?

Oh he's brilliant.


More Kim. Sigh.

I've seen that actor before. I think he was on a soap.

Aww baby. I hope Kim's dumbness skips a generation.

Baby Teri? Mwaha.

Jack dude you look like crap.

Ooh Renee's getting more hard-ass. Alli like.

Good boy, Jack. Go take more happy drugs.

Wow, that's some fast-acting crap.

Tony wants to get Jack out of the way, or out of danger?

"Agent Walker just lost her partner. I thought I could help. I owe her that much." *hearts*

"You watch your back." Right back atcha, big boy. Of course Jack has to be back at Ops so he can realize it's an AMBUSH.

commercial. Too many of these damn things.

Annie you're so cute :)

Conspiracy crap. DON'T CARE DON'T CARE.

Dead Jon Voight. Still don't really care.

If they leave this as a 'we don't know what happened to Renee' I will HURT them. I mean, I know she's okay cause she's in next season, but I want to see Jack's reaction :D


*rewatches the explosions*

Wow, nice stunts.

I love it how Jack totally takes over. Hee!

*sings along with the Mini Sirloin Burgers song*

*wibbles at Jack* "Renee, this is Jack, do you copy?"

"Renee!" "Jack?" Hee.

Tony you tricky bastard.

Hmm Tony lied...

OOH. Already?

Damn, he got away.

Don't let him talk himself out of it, Jack!

Oh Jack, sweetie, you're not looking well.

Jack is like I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS. Once I can move again.

Ouch. Dead medic.


Okay Alli want promo.

Good Lord I am tired of the climate change BS every week. Go away, Carlos. I like my carbon footprint as it is.

Ooh Jon Voight ain't quite dead yet.

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