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I need my f-list's expertise.

I have a door that leads off my porch into a storage area, and it's really really hard to open. I don't know if it needs to be reframed or rehung, but it needs some help.

Now, I've been looking online for a company that I could get to come fix it, but I'm having more trouble than I expected. Most likely places seem to be more about installing fancy entry doors or garage doors and if they do door repair, which is what I really need, they only do commercial/industrial. Even if you're not in my immediate area, does anyone have any suggestions for companies or search terms or, really, anything helpful?
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Usually getting it to fit can be done with out professional help (save that money you know). Often if you just plane the area that seems to be sticking that will work fine. I'd be willing to bet your dad has a planer. There are power ones but the manual ones are just as good and I think easier to use.
Ask around for a general 'fix-it' guys, who does all kinds of odd jobs and repair work like this. You'll find them in the yellow pages and other webpages like that, but I'm willing to bet. You might even try the condo management company, they would probably be able to give you some names of people that could do the work.
I agree with the last comment - try to find a general handyman. They can often do that kind of work for you for a lot less money. Good luck!!!
For something like that, I definitely wouldn't look online--you have no way to judge the quality of whoever you find. I'd ask around for handyman/carpenter/one-man-contractor type guys. People will give recommendations if they know people like that--who's good, who's a flake, who overcharges, etc.