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FIC: Good Not Nice (PG) - 24

Title: Good Not Nice
Author: allisnow
Rating: PG
Characters: Renee Walker
Warnings: Nothing worth mentioning.
Summary: If anything, Renee's always lamented the tendency of nice guys to come in last. A Day 7/1am-2am vignette.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing, don't sue :D

Fortune, they say, favors the bold.

The same is not always true for Jack Bauer.

Sometimes, when you’re bold and you have no right to be, he looks as though favoring you is the last thing on his mind.

He had a right to be mad. She’d known that he would be. And she’d been willing to face that anger.

She just hadn’t expected that when he got up in her face like that, she’d get a little turned on.

Renee is disgusted and embarrassed by her own reaction. He’s sick, he’s dying, and that right there should be enough to quash her libido. Although the FBI head-shrinkers, who they’re supposed to see whenever something traumatic happens, always warn them that sometimes the presence of death has the opposite effect.


She’s never been drawn to the bad boys, the troublemakers. She’s never looked at a man inexorably flawed and thought ‘I can fix him’. She’s never put up with the abusive ones. In college she had a boyfriend who threw a wooden salad bowl at her. She broke his arm.


If anything, she’s always lamented the tendency of nice guys to come in last.

Jack is good, but he isn’t nice.

* * *

Later, when she has time to think, time even to refresh her cold cup of coffee, she reconsiders that judgment.

Jack must have a nice side. No one is any one thing, even though she’s cursed several people today for being complete imbeciles.

He had a daughter. A wife. She tries to imagine Jack Bauer as the happy family man, preparing for birthday parties, washing the car, mowing the lawn.

She can imagine it, but in all her imaginings his face is still drawn and grim, his skin lightly sheathed with sweat, his eyes haunted.

Maybe nice is too much to ask.

Maybe after all he’s seen and done and gone through, even good is more than anyone has any right to expect.

* * *

Larry calls, and Renee curses herself for having let her guard down for even a moment.

It’s not over.

She wonders if it ever will be.

The head-shrinkers will be making a lot of overtime.

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Well, we always knew Renee was weird, but being turned on my sick and twitchy brain!melt!Jack yelling at her? ;-)

Nice vignette.
Hee. I was excited that I was right about Renee contacting Kim. Of course, it was kind of a mutual thing, but close enough!
LOVE the part about the college boyfriend/salad bowl/broken arm. I think Renee is probably my favorite female character on TV since Scully, and for me that it just. . . huge.

I also like the way you keep bringing back the headshrinkers, and the distinction between the definitions of "good" and "nice." Very interesting.
Thanks! I really love Renee, too. I mean, I must, considering I have casually watched 24 in the past and it's never grabbed me like it did this season.

Actually, I don't think I really appreciated Renee's awesomeness until about six or seven episodes in, and I had to go back and rewatch and revel in it.

Glad you enjoyed. Your icon is HAWT.
Oh man. I pretty much adored Renee from minute one. I don't know what it is, but I just LOVE her.

Thanks on the icon. I'm having WAY too much fun messing around with my 30 day free trial of Photoshop Elements. Sigh. I can so see 90 bucks going down the drain there. . .
This rocked. Loved the university boyfriend image, and her trying to visualize Jack having a normal life. I don't think even Jack can visualize Jack having a normal life any more, LOL.

Maybe after all he’s seen and done and gone through, even good is more than anyone has any right to expect.

Oh hai, Tony! Loved this. The distinction between nice and good is so accurate for Jack.