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Producers, make this happen has a funny little article about Jack Bauer's loves, and they include Renee. Woo-hoo! Here's what they say:
Renee Walker (Annie Wersching), Season Seven: We're going on spec here, since Renee has yet to become an official Bauer love interest. The pair has yet to even exhibit much in the way of sexual tension, since so far Renee has been busy filling another stock role on 24: the Bauer apprentice in the ways of torture, narrow escapes, and jumping onto moving vehicles. Their interplay thus far has been interesting to watch, as Renee tries to remind Jack that innocent civilians can't be seen as mere pawns in his bigger picture, while he has persuaded her that little interrogation tricks like the strategic withholding of oxygen can sometimes come in very handy. With Renee's future in the FBI highly questionable and Jack having openings in both his personal and professional life, she could be set for a nice little run on the show. And the tears Renee has shed the last two weeks in the belief that Jack is terminally ill certainly go above and beyond what the Bureau requires. Plus, she has visible freckles, a real rarity on television. Producers, make this happen.
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