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I'm sure this will be floating around on the sports blogs, but I wanted to share cause I know people are out there who think baseball is some kind of wussie sport because the players aren't out there tackling each other and kicking each other in the head (well, not intentionally, anyway).

This happened tonight at our game against the Brewers. Last out of the night, we're up 7-1, relief pitcher Joe Martinez (a rookie who got his first win on Opening Day) comes in to close it out.

ETA: The clip has been yanked from YouTube, but you can find it here.

He went in for a CT scan and hopefully there will be news tomorrow. It's very good that he wasn't hit directly in the temple and very good that he never blacked out and was able to walk off the field under his own power. Still, you can see how completely stunned everyone was. The guy who hit the ball, Mike Cameron, is reportedly a really good guy, known around baseball for being a really good guy. They were saying after the game that he was shaking and couldn't talk to anyone. They interviewed Bengie after Medders got the last out and he looked pretty shaken too. I'm glad the game was basically over when it happened because I don't think anyone would have been able to concentrate.

Anyway, even if you're not a Giants or baseball fan, please direct some of your good thoughts and prayers towards Joe Martinez for a speedy recovery, his family, teammates and Mike Cameron as well.


Late Thursday night at St. Francis Memorial Hospital, Giants executive Bobby Evans told the San Francisco Chronicle that Martinez "has a concussion but otherwise seems to be OK."

"Evans did not want to get too specific, medically, but said that Martinez did not appear to have any broken bones, and tests did not reveal any serious injuries," the Chronicle wrote. "But they are keeping (him) in the hospital overnight for observation. You can't be too careful with head injuries."

The Chronicle added, "Evans said Martinez was up and talking and did not even seem to have a bad headache. Martinez spoke by phone with his parents in New Jersey, who unfortunately watched on TV as their son got hit."

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