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You know what the thing I love about Bones is? It's not the science. I could care less about the science. Half the time I'm not even sure it really IS science, which is okay, because unlike the CSI type of show it isn't about the science. The thing I love is watching Booth and Bones stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones, into each other's metaphorical space, and take (sometimes infinitesimal) steps towards understanding the other person's point of view. I love it because neither of them have to do it. Let's face it: Bones would be more comfortable with the squints, Booth would be more comfortable with other agents, like the blond from a couple episodes ago. There wouldn't be need for constant explanations (on both sides) and awkward social situations and (theoretically) theological and ethical debates and whatnot. And yet the characters are so drawn to each other that they deal with the cons in exchange for the pros. And the pros are freaking awesome.

2009 has, thus far, been a good year for TV if nothing else.
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