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Fic: Seventeen Hours (PG) - 24

Title: Seventeen Hours
Author: allisnow
Rating: PG
Characters: Renee Walker
Warnings: Mild language
Summary: Renee might revel in his hatred, if he was still alive to hate her a week, a month, a year from now. A Day 7/12am-1am vignette.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing, don't sue :D

Some part of Renee (a part not merely in the back of her mind but forcibly excluded from her mind altogether) is goddamned terrified right now. Biological weapons somewhere inside Starkwood, Larry with his head in the sights of two dozen commandos… militants… terrorists? Almeida rescued and then betrayed, a call from the inside, everything happening so fast. If she was in her right mind, she would be terrified.

Good thing she’s got something better to fall back on.

The chaos and the action are terrible, necessitating hasty decisions and terrible pressure on the rest of the staff, but in a way they are also a godsend. If she had a moment to sit down and think, she would probably do the unthinkable.

She would probably sit down and call Jack’s daughter.

He would hate her for it. Hate her. He had seen that in his eyes when she’d pressed him, seen it, in retrospect, between the lines of every statement in his file. His anger would be implacable and impossible to overcome. It might be worth it, though, feeling his hate. She might revel in it, if he was still alive to hate her a week, a month, a year from now.

He might be right. It’s really none of her business, technically and professionally and logically speaking, what happens to this man after this crisis is over, after this day that began almost seventeen hours ago finally comes to an end (if it ever does). As long as he lives long enough to ID the containers… that should be all she cares about.

But it isn’t.

Seventeen hours. Less. Is that all it’s been? She can’t remember having so many conflicting feelings for one person in the space of one day. She won’t catalog them, can’t list them, but they’re there and they’re dizzying and the only one she has time or space for right now is caring. Despite what he might think (and what she might want and what Larry might like) she does care about him, and for him, and if there is a treatment out there that could save his life it seems certifiably insane to ignore it, to not even consider it, to not consider this the perfect time to let bygones be bygones between father and daughter.

She wonders what Kim (yes, she knows the name, saw it in the report, although with so much else running through her mind she’s not sure how she still remembers it) might have done to deserve Jack’s apathy. Then she realizes – no, wrong angle. What might he have done to earn hers?

Renee watches him slink away, his grimace mistakable as a frustrated scowl. Almost mistakable. He reaches for another dose. It hasn’t been that long since the last one. Too soon.

She bites her tongue.

Not her place. None of her business.

She cares. She shouldn’t. Can’t.

Interest revulsion awe anger compassion disappointment approval offense frustration sympathy loathing intimidation attraction understanding disgust liking anguish pride terror confusion satisfaction hatred concern distress indignance betrayal caring her heart is breaking as she watches the needle pierce his skin.

And all in seventeen hours.

Tags: fic, tv:24

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