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24 liveblogging

*squishes Jack*

Is old Larry going to get a chance to be awesome?

Methinks Jon Voight is getting a little too into this.

Five minutes or what? And as far as wanting his man back, um, didn't Tony just see him kill someone?

Yay Jack! And yay Renee for letting Jack do what he wants to do.

Hmm, a good guy on the inside? Is this one going to want immunity too?

You know, I would like to think that this guy's employees would not all be cool with this kind of crap. He can't be paying them that well, right?

Larry, create a diversion! Do something doofusy! *snickers*

Wow Larry did something TOUGH AND VIOLENT AND MANLY. He wants to be just like Jack so he can impress Renee.

Tony's a sneaky bastard, isn't he? Apparently none of Jon Voight's ace commandos did a head count.

Uhoh Jack's getting the shakes. Renee's all worried *sniff*

The Prez better make Jack Bauer a frigging national hero after all this.

Oh I know. Jack's gonna get really sick right before they need him to ID the canisters.


Jack made a mess.

Oh he does not look well. *wibbles*

22 minutes in already! This is the fastest damn hour on TV.

"How much longer?" "Half an hour." Ah, how did I know.

You know I care even less then before about the ho-bag daughter in chief, but if she gets Aaron in any more trouble I WILL HURT HER.

Is his source Trip? That would be funny.

Woo an experimental procedure!

Family member. Snort. Stupid Kim.

Hmm, is Renee going to contact Kim against Jack's wishes? That would be angsty, man.

On the upside, now that he has meds to mask the symptoms, Jack and Renee can totally have an angry quickie in a closet somewhere.

That commando who just got kicked in the face looked kind of familiar. Not from 24, just a familiar-looking actor.

Why the hell are we suffering through stupid Janis instead of dealing with darling Chloe?

Okay my prediction was wrong. My new prediction is that Tony will get stuck inside when they bomb the place. TONY!

I'm starting to think that Jon Voight is kind of a RAVING CRAZY ASS LUNATIC.

This guy is dead.

Yup. I was right that time. Beaten with a glass ice thingy and tossed over a railing. Sweet.

Ooh F-18 in less than 10 minutes.


She's gonna kiiiiilllll him. Or blackmail him. Or something.

I think Jon's underlings are starting to understand that he is a RAVING CRAZY ASS LUNATIC.

Damn, the Prez blinked.

Hunh. Weren't we supposed to see Kimmy in this ep? *checks spoilers* Oooh not til next week. We have a reprieve. Or had one.

*sigh* That was anti-climactic.

Preview time!

Hmm Jack back in action.

"The hour that will stop the clock." Meep. That sounds ominous.

Jack begging the Prez to trust him. *grabs the Prez and shakes her*

Renee still in the office, that's too bad.

Guy in an FBI hat getting whacked. Was that Larry? Or just some hapless pilot?



No Kim in that preview. :) No Chloe either. :(
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