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I didn't have any actual Supernatural dreams last night, but I think the pilot episode might have influenced the very weird 24 dreams I did have. It was actually one long, convoluted dream that comprised 2 hours of the show and the gist was that the bioweapon Jack was infected with was making him hallucinate, first just a little and eventually all sorts of weird shit, including Tony turning bad again and trying to shoot Jack with a bow and arrow, and Jon Voight's character being Jack's dad, and Death following Jack around in a rather comical way ala Terry Pratchett's books, and getting in a car accident in a stairwell, and winding up in Disneyland* and, hee, Jack and Renee got to have sex! Yay! But then we found out that it was just another hallucination and I was very sad, especially when Renee realized she was in love with Larry. EW!

(*Season 8 should totally take place in Disneyland! Jack has to run through all the rides and amusements to save the tourists from a terror attack!)
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