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I've never watched the show on TV, and the propensity of the fanbase to slash the main characters has always grossed me out, but I've decided to give Supernatural a try.

Uhoh, cute babies, happy family, something terrible is going to happen.

That's not John, lady.

Told you.

Okay that's kind of bizarre.

Sarah Shahi is in this? Hee.

I think you're fighting your brother, dude.

David Nutter... where do I know that name from?

Backstory time!

"I will be back in time, I promise." I think you're a big fat liar, pal!

*giggles* Dani is a ghost. Or something.

Okay, this guy is too stupid to live.

Yup. Toooo stupid to live.

"Agent Mulder. Agent Scully." *sporfle*

Modesto, hee.

So this story about a weird hitchhiking girl is out there and stupid guys still pick her up? They deserve what happens.

"You're one of us!" "No I'm not one of you, you're crazy and I'm normal!" "You're not normal, you're one of us!" *yawns*

Possessed car FTW!

LOL Dean's an ass.

So what all these guys have in common is that they were unfaithful.

Ew creepy.

Owww the poor car.

Hey, the ghost is being haunted. Heheh.

Highway to Hell. Heh.

Ooh. No more Jess. Naturally, because we needed to give Luke -- I mean Sam -- a reason not to stay.

Okay, so that was kind of predictable, but not bad. Will keep dling.
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