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15 minutes and no Chloe or Renee (or, as the bloggers on BigHollywood call her, "Skinny Red-Headed Rogue Agent With Crush On Jack And A Taste For The Rough Stuff").

I am displeased.

ETA: Yay Renee!

Now Larry finds himself in the same position as every other obstructionist person in authority... admitting that Jack was right all along.

Poor Renee. She's so worried for her boyfriend!

Larry you are still a doofus.

Aaron IS MADE OF AWESOME. But he's like "woman, haven't I been through enough tonight? Besides, I'm not entirely sure that we're playing for the same team here. And I mean that in a non-sexual way."


Time to beat up on Tony some more. Tony's like, hey, I've been dead before, this is small beans.

Okay, what's squishy guy up to? He grew a conscience? Tony will save the day???

Squishy guy is gonna die. If not this hour, then eventually.

CDC girl needs to stop eyeing Renee's man.

YAY Jack's okay. Wow they really had me worried there for a second. Not.


Okay that was a twist. He's still going to be okay though.

I need to debrief you... teehee.

Aww Trip is okay. And Renee loves him for it.

She's gonna go cry now.


White House. Boring. Move along please.

Is this guy like Larry's personal secretary or what?

Aaaaaand now the immunity dance begins. Again. Like every season. Again.

BWAHAHA Cisco commercial that was beautiful.

Wow, this immunity dance was amazingly speedy.

Renee why are you there? You should be somewhere with Jack having Hawt About to Die Comfort Secks!

Larry you're being an ass again. A prudent ass, but still an ass.

Commercial. ARGH.

Boring, boring action scenes. How I loathe you.

You know whatever Jon Voight's plan is, it doesn't seem possible that it can work if the world knows that his company is responsible.

I've got a bad feeling about this...

Squishy's gonna die... and I don't feel too good about Larry either.

Hmm. Empty warehouse.

Oh shit. Squishy is a back-stabber. No wonder the immunity dance was so easy. Props to Larry for not overreacting, though.


LISTEN TO JACK. Jack knows best. In fact this show could be titled "24: Jack Knows Best".

And another episode passes with no Chloe, and no Jack and Renee making out. I will try not to feel that it has been a waste of an hour.
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