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Good news at tax time

I got a call from my tax preparer today. Because I bought my condo in 2008, I don't qualify for the 2009 $8,000 homebuyer credit. However, I do get this quasi-credit... I mean, it's not actually a credit, it's a $7,500 interest-free loan from the federal government that you pay back over 15 years, $500 at a time, at tax time, starting in 2010. So I figured what the hell. Since everything for next year is so up in the air, it could come in handy for bills and whatnot. I can also put a little of it towards fixing up my postage stamp of a backyard.

I still owe the state about $200, but considering they don't have any plans to issue refunds to people who have overpaid, I'm okay with that.
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