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I've been watching the funeral for the four Oakland police officers who were murdered last weekend. I'm sure even if I wasn't PMSing I would be extremely emotional. It's hard watching these big tough guys break down talking about their friends and family. The turn-out for the service is really amazing, though -- the entire Oakland police department is there because officers from other agencies are taking their patrols for the day, and there are so many members of the public that they filled up the Oakland Arena and had to send the overflow to the Oakland Colliseum. Both Senators and the Governor are also there. Interestingly, at least one of the families asked the mayor not to speak.

Meanwhile, dozens of losers marched for the slimeball who killed these men.

Almighty God we pray to you
In heaven up above
Watch over our dear police officers
And protect them with your love.

Please guide them as they keep us
safe both day and night
And hold them firmly in your care
should danger come their way.

Give them true strength and courage
As they serve til duty's end
And one more thing to ask dear Lord
Protect their family and their friends.

ETA: ABC is saying 18,000 people.

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