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this is not going to be fun

Hey, if you haven't yet, check out my new layout. It's by vaguelyclear and you can find it and more here. And I found the header at some wallpaper site. Yeah I'm a thief.

Anyway, if there are any men who happen to be reading my LJ, just skip this. Actually ladies you're not under any particular obligation either.

'That time of month' this month is not going to be fun. I can just feel it. Firstly I've just felt weird for a couple of days, like my blood sugar will crash out of nowhere and I'll feel shaky. I've had to totally avoid caffeine. My boobs have been sore for the last week, more so than usual. Today I had a full-blown headache come crashing down on me right after Obama's lecture (coincidence? I think not); thankfully 2 ibu and a nap on the couch seemed to do it. But my head still feels kinda... fragile. Speaking of fragile, for the last 4 days or so everything has made me cry. I bawled through the last half hour of BSG, which really isn't strange for me. And every time there's an update on the story of the 4 cops killed in Oakland, I start tearing up. But then random stuff will get me emotional, too. Like when I was watching Biggest Loser tonight, the people working at the food bank got me choked up. I mean what the hell.

And the actual fun hasn't even started yet. I just know the cramps are going to be baaaaad...
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