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Run Jack run!

Ew Janis.

Hi Morris. I want to dislike him because I love Jack/Chloe, but it's just so hard to dislike Morris.

*has fingers crossed that Renee will get to save Jack this time*

Sprint commercial. Not subtle.

Yay Jack knows he can trust Renee. It's luuuurve.

Okay, my guess is that Jon Voight is staging a terror attack for some reason to get people riled up.

Starkwood. Hm. An analog for Blackwater?

Renee is kind of in the Chloe role here, isn't she?

Larry is still jealous, I think. Still, considering he wubs her, it does take some cojones for him to use her like he's doing. Well done, Agent Doofus. Well done.


I know I'm a sap, but I love the Liberty Mutual 'people helping people' commercials.

White House storyline, boring. Get back to Jack and Renee pls thanx.

I hate it when the other characters have to play catch-up. Why couldn't we have gotten this off-screen?

Renee you are awesome. Doofus, you are a Doofus.

Hey does that mean Renee and Chloe will get to hook up? GIRL POWRR!

Jack attack!

Jack knows the attack is still on because it hasn't been 24 hours yet!


These Comcast commercials with the little Sims-ish people who can't sing MUST DIE.

It's official. Olivia is still a twit.

Oh, Morris. Your heart is in the right place.

That's a pretty shitty encryption system if it's that easy to break.

No Chloe and Renee awesomeness. I am sad.

Chloe no preggers! I love how loyal she is to him. It's nice to see at least a couple of people recognize his shear awesomeness.

Senator Red, this is not the time for psychobabble. C'mon Jack, less talking, more discovering!

LOL. Great line about things getting messier for Jack than they get on the Hill.

Hmm, bioweapon. Sounds bad.

Awwwww Senator Red loves Jack now!

"Trust isn't my greatest asset." "Son, you have to start somewhere." Awwww. Feel the love!

Oh crap.

I did not see that coming.

Poor Senator Red. Now they're going to think that Jack killed him too.

Guess Senator Red should have looked through the peephole first.


More boring White House stuff. Only maybe Olivia isn't a weenie.


This is like Jack vs Evil Jack. Awesome.

Yay Tony!

You know, this is a total waste of Renee AND Chloe. It makes me sad.

And there was hardly either of them in the preview for next week. I am still sad!
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