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I think a lot of my lack of writing in the past year has to do with my equal lack of focus. Now obviously I have been (and continue to be) concerned about my job, finding/maintaining the house, etc, but there's nothing I can really do about that. What I can do is decide that, tomorrow, however many months after I moved in, I will actually set up my desktop in the guest room, which will heretofore also be known as the writing room. It doesn't have a wireless card, although I do have an adapter in a box around here somewhere, I think it will be much better writing on a non-Netted computer. If I want to research or check something I will just have to make a note of it and check it later, rather than get sucked into the morass of Wiki. And without the distractions of LJ and AIM and email, I will either go completely insane or get a lot of writing done. Possibly both.

I'm also going to get back into reading more Koontz. If you're not one of the majority of people who just skims past my reading list - and I don't blame you, honest - you'll notice that I'm not reading him as much as I once was. Hell, there was a point in my life where I was reading Koontz books almost exclusively, and abhorred the idea of 'branching out'. Now a significant percentage of what I read, if not most of it, is 'new' stuff... first time reads. Which is great and I've found some really excellent books and authors (as well as a few stinkers), often based on reccs from others. But there's just something about how Koontz puts stuff together that has always wowed me. Granted, I've been less impressed with his most recent stuff... it's a little too mundane for my liking. But I really want to go back and reread some of his older stuff... Dragon Tears, False Memory, Lightning, Ticktock, From the Corner of His Eye, Intensity, One Door Away From Heaven, my all time favorite The Face, which I have in my lap... I really think it was partly through some of these books that I found my own 'voice', and I'm hoping that I will be able to use them to find it again.
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