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Tomorrow is Pink Friday in California.

California's public schools, colleges and universities are facing more than $11 billion in state budget cuts. These cuts are going to impact an entire generation of kids and alter public education for years to come.

Tomorrow, March 13, is the deadline for school districts to issue preliminary pink slips to California's teachers. As of yesterday, more than 26,000 teachers had received these preliminary notices.

Please join us on Friday, March 13 and Stand Up for Schools.

If you're in CA and you support teachers, please -- wear pink and look into attending a nearby rally. This isn't a union thing, it's just a fact that with the money situation like it is now, tens of thousands of teachers will lose their jobs. (Including me, incidentally.)

What You Can Do

1. Wear pink on Friday, March 13 to show your support for public schools, students and educators.

2. Organize or attend an event at a school near you.

3. Call or e-mail your Legislator. Tell them that investing in public education is an investment in California's future.

4. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Lawmakers read their hometown papers to keep abreast of what their constituents are thinking. A sample letter is available in the Resources section.
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