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I just finished my Pride & Prejudice music video and, well, I hope it doesn't sound too "abominably rude" to say that IT IS AWESOME.

Naturally like 90% of the awesomeness can be attributed to it being such an awesome movie. But I think maybe a teeny bit of the awesomeness goes to me for song choice and editing and stuff ;)

I thought that making my Persuasion vid was fun, but this one -- I was giggling through the entire creation of it, especially from the Huntsford proposal on. These characters amuse me greatly.

Must be off to work, but I will upload tonight.

That reminds me.

When it comes to music vids, would you rather download directly or watch via YouTube?

Direct download of .wmv file (better quality)
YouTube (quicker/more convenient)
I don't have a preference
I don't watch music vids
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