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24 liveblogging

I just know Senator Douchebag is going to mess this up somehow.

This is one screwed-up situation. I wonder how much the Secret Service really hates this show.

Wow the VP is a big asshole, isn't he? He's actually making Agent Doofus look like a G**d**** action hero.


This is kind of ridiculous. The VP could not possibly be in charge of deciding whether or not there is to be a rescue mission.

OMG Bill.

Go Aaron Go!

Damn. So much for getting information out of him.

Hmm. Senator Douchbag didn't screw things up after all.

I never imagined they would rescue everyone so fast.

Wow. Poor Bill.

See, Renee? He does have a heart.


Silent clock.


I guess Renee can't rescue Jack now. Too bad.

I can't believe they killed Bill. How many years was he on the show?

"I need to speak to the Vice President as soon as possible, and tell him HIS ASS IS FIRED."

Oh Aaron. Your awesomeness knows no bounds.

"Thanks to a lot of brave people." Namely Jack and Bill. Oh Bill.

Go give Jack a hug, Renee.

Okay, no hug.

Jack is back in Jack-attack mode.

"He's getting real time info from someone on a cell phone." "From who?" From Jon Voight!

Yay, time for a Jack mind-fuck!

Renee thinks Agent Doofus is being a Doofus.

Hey, maybe Renee should go torture Tom Cruise instead.

Agent Reynolds is kinda hot.

Hm. So who is Jon Voight? Some kind of evil businessman, no doubt.

"What happened, do you think?" BILL BUCHANAN HAPPENED, BITCH.

Okay, weapons. Targets. That doesn't sound good.


Sweet, the Jack attack is back on.

"Bauer's approach." Ah yes, the Bauer approach. Heheh.

Doofus is not going to be happy about Renee's little end-run on behalf of Awesome Jack.

Yup. Doofus is piiiiiiiiissssssssed.

"Maybe if we had stayed out of his way none of this would happen." NO SHIT. Isn't that the point of every season?

Jack's like, damn, I thought the pretty one was going to come with me on the helicopter.

Ooh Jack is sticking up for Renee. He hearts her!


Hm, John Voight is looking at some big numbers.

Quinn, hm?

Oh, I guess that's Quinn. He doesn't look suspicious AT ALL.

Those nurses were a little slow on the uptake.

Aaron = awesome ++++

Aw, Martha. What happened to her??

Oh damn, Olivia's going after old Ethan. Who, despite putting the Jack Attack back on the schedule, I still don't trust.

Quinn is Spider-man!


Oh this is not good. Jon Voight is a sneaky bastard.

Wow, a whole hour with no Icky Janis. If Jack and Renee would just team back up, my happiness would be complete.

Damn, she's back next week. And Renee is gonna help Jack, I just know it :)

Hey, Morris.

"If I wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead." Heh. It's a cliche, but coming from Jack, it works.
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