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A brilliant editorial on the Facebook phenomonon over at the Weekly Standard: Down with Facebook!

Maybe it's hypocritical of me to mock Facebook users on a LiveJournal page, but I don't know. It's just not the same thing.

Is it?
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Interesting read. And no LJ isn't the same imho. Yes we talk about our & boring stuff and stuff we just need to say. I would never have started posting things about my life to just anyone though. We all have a connection that brings us to each others flist. The people that read what I'm doing are at least somewhat interested in what I'm saying.
At least I think so...maybe not. *shrugs*
Very true, but that holds true for US. I'm sure there's people somewhere on LJ who only care about racking up as many "friends" as they can, and that there's people on Facebook who are more circumspect about who they let into their inner circle.
Nope, I don't find it hypocritical at all. I joined Facebook just to have access to my siblings' photos, but every time I visit the site, it is only out of a sense of obligation. There are currently friends requests pending from annoying people in college that I certainly never want to be annoyed by again and way too many game things that I'm just not interested in.

I find my LJ Flist thought-provoking, entertaining, and fun--when I make the time. I totally sympathized with he author's description of how bland Facebook is. I'd rather read a paragraph or two than a line referring to oneself in the third person.