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I have Taylor Swift's "Love Story" running in a continuous loop in my head. Well, almost continuous. Sometimes it's interspersed with the various jingles (I know all of them by heart).

BTW, I am reading the second Discworld novel and actually kind of enjoying it. It's still a little too 'British' and off-kilter for me to really get into, and I can only take it in small doses, like the Hitchhiker's books, but it's an interesting counterbalance to all the Jane Austen I've been reading/watching/listening to.

Speaking of... I watched the Gwenyth Paltrow version of Emma and thought it was pretty lame. Mr. Knightly was hot, which in a way is good, but he wasn't supposed to be hot. And the stupid archery scene, and Ewan's horrible hair... ugh. Although I've become biased against the book, too. Too much rambling. I took out that CD and put P&P back in, this time fast-forwarding to all the juicy Elizabeth/Darcy bits.

I need to do a lot of cleaning tomorrow.

PS - Not to toot my own horn (so to speak) but this is now my current favorite icon ever.
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Mr. Knightly was the only redeeming aspect of GP's "Emma." The movie was so horribly miscast (although I did enjoy Alan Cumming as Mr. Elton too, come to think of it) that it really took away from the story.
I lay in bed at night trying to sleep and have those Free credit jingles in my head. I have to force my self to think of something else.