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Last time on 24...

Marika (is that her name?) did not wear a safety belt.
Renee and Jack need to have secks.
Jack cut a guy open.
All in a day's work.
Oh, and it's going to get worse.

"ICU." "Yeah, I see you too." Heheh. Okay, seriously.

Oh, dead terrorist? Pity, now Jack won't be able to torture him some more.

Have people started calling this show racist (again) yet? I mean there's been so many bad people who are black.

Ooh Terrorist Jr.

Hi Renee!

Hi Agent Doofus!

"I need you to delete his name from the list." "Why?" "Because I need to torture him, duh!" I love Chloe's worried face.

Ew, it's icky Janis. Go away, icky.

See, Chloe finds her icky too.

Where did Jack get that suit in such short notice? Oh... I guess he must have had the one from the Senate hearing.

Jack is trying to keep his pals out of this. Didn't really have a problem implicating Chloe, though, did he? I mean eventually isn't someone going to realize that Tom Cruise's name was taken off the list?

Senator Red has a Jack Bauer fixation. And not the good kind.

Senator Red is a Democrat, by the way.


Commercial break.

Dum de dum...

Doh, Chloe. Caught by Janis of all people?

ZAP! I suppose it was too much to hope for a "Don't taze me, bro!"?

Commercial again.

Heheh. Senator Red is like "See? He just can't help torturing people!"


Once again, nobody believes poor Jack.

"I know the man." "Apparently you don't." BURN!

Tom Cruise lawyering up. See, the whole point of this scene is to show that sometimes Jack's way might not be the right way, but it might be the ONLY way.

I miss Jack & Renee.


Ouch. That flying leap looks like it hurt.

Guess she should have gotten one of those really tough cell phones. And did she lose her gun?

Tony, you didn't plan this out very well.

Agent Doofus to the rescue! And he has his theme music as a .wav file!

And now Renee's going to risk her life trying to get to those plans even though she has no way of communicating the information to anybody. Although I guess she's already in kind of a Situation.

What a lovely sketch of the White House!

Swim Renee swim!

So Jack and Chloe are in lockup and our fate rests with Agent Doofus? Gulp.

It'd be really funny if somehow they drilled right up through the middle of Jack's cell.

End of ep.

Good thing there's another one to go. That was... unsatisfying.

Dude I'm really tired of the Subway commercial. They must have showed it a dozen times already.

Last time on 24... we just watched it.

You know when that door got blown in Jack would have got some serious splinters in his butt.

Aaron! I love Aaron.

I would love to know how Juma got into the country. I wonder if they'll look into that.

Oh this ranger guy is dead.

Called it.

Bill, don't wimp out.

Is no one watching this on CCTV somewhere?

I know my commenting has kind of dropped off, but I'm getting sleepy.

This just makes the Secret Service look BAD.

Speaking of SS... if they do anything to Aaron I will be SO PISSED.

Holy crap, Agent Doofus did something useful??? *faints*

Hey cool they have one of those laptop-pads from Atlantis.

Oh, good job Bill. I was wondering how they were tracking her.

"Hm. This guy looks like a main character. Let's not kill him."

This is starting to feel like the movie Air Force One. Only it's a dame in a skirt instead of Harrison Ford.

Now it's also a little like Panic Room. And didn't they have someone stuck in one of these rooms earlier and they had to smoke them out?

Agents falling back... *groans* Yes, let's give the enemy time to entrench. Brilliant idea.

Aww Renee is all concerned about Jack. And Doofus is jealous.

Jack you are too awesome.

Hee, Jon Voight! I was wondering when he was going to show up.

Okay, the whiny first daughter is actually turning out to be pretty spunky.

You know, I think in real life people wouldn't be so worried about the President's life as much as getting the terrorists out of the White House and keeping the government running. But maybe that's just me. And the VP's flunky is a a dick.



Well this is not a good situation.
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