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Just an update

- Work is going okay. Sometimes the kids really frustrate me because of their poor work ethic (not all of them, but in general) and the lack of respect some of them have for adults. But then when I have kids (4th graders, in this case) run up and hug me in the morning, or kids I don't even know personally wave to me across the playground, it doesn't seem so bad. So many of these kids are just starved for attention. That said, I have two or three consistent behavior problems that I would love to just... well, nothing I"m going to say in a public entry. I would love to nurture them. That's it.

- Listening to Jane Austen's Emma during my commute. I have never seen a movie or read the book before this, so it's all new to me. I have to say that it really doesn't compare to S&S, P&P and Persuasion. Unlike those stories, there's no characters that have really endeared themselves to me. Even Mr. Knightly... well, you agree with him about Emma making an ass out of herself, but, as they might say in one of those stories, something in his personality is wanting. I've been looking again at P&P sequels. None of them seem that promising. I wish someone would write a good sequel to S&S, if only to see Elinor roll her eyes at Lucy's kissing Mrs. Ferras' ass, and Mrs. Robert Ferras being her usually bitchy self, and Marianne verbally bitchslapping all of them while Col. Brandon looks on bemusedly...

- I have been completely neglecting my own writing (oh God now I'm talking like a JA character) lately. I still have stories floating around, most of them original fic, namely my scifi/fantasy, my paranormal parable and, somewhere in the depths of my HD, my Peter Pan retelling. I feel like I don't have the energy to write, but that's a lame excuse. I mean I just spent 3 hours at least lounging on the couch. I could have written during that time. I just have to get back into the habit, just like I had to do when I started working out again after being sick.

- Well, coffee is made for tomorrow so I'm going to set the dishwasher to run and then get to bed. Tomorrow is Thursday -- no Bones (I hate you so hard, American Idol) but there's Survivor at least... and is The Office new?

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