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Oh yuck, why did they have to use a picture of THAT Elizabeth?

Your result for The which Jane Austen hero are you Test...

Captain Wentworth

54% romance, 54% dashingness, 42% etiquette, and 80% intelligence!

Intelligent, big-hearted, and downright dashing, the Jane Austen hero you most resemble is Captain Wentworth from "Persuasion." You may not put a lot of stock in the social niceties, but because of your other abundant qualities, people see you as straight-shooting instead of brusque. You're the kind of guy who would lose the woman of your dreams, spend eight years making your fortune and serving your country, return to find that, by God, you still love her, overcome your own buried pain, sweep her off her feet (again) and sail off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Oh, be still my heart!

Ideal matches: Elizabeth Bennet, Marianne Dashwood, Elinor Dashwood

Guaranteed heartbreak: Elizabeth Elliot, Lydia Bennet, Mary Crawford

Out of your league: Only maybe Anne Elliot...but fortunately for you, she's quite taken with your dashing epaulets (see picture).

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Your result for The Jane Austen heroine Test...

Elizabeth Bennet

60% romance, 60% sauciness, 47% etiquette, 58% intelligence

You believe in true love and standing up for yourself. You're also witty and reasonably well-read. What you don't have time for is kowtowing to society's expectations of you. So what if your hem gets a little muddy? Let the neighbors click their tongues! You've got better things to do. Like dressing down that tall, snobbish gentleman in the corner, or traveling 'round Derbyshire, or chatting with that pleasant young officer, or nursing your older sister back to health, or trading witticisms with your father, or keeping your crazy little sisters in line, or.....

Ideal matches: Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth, Colonel Brandon

Guaranteed heartbreak (their hearts): George Wickham, John Willoughby, Captain Benwick

Not worthy of your affections: Mr. Collins, Henry Crawford

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