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The demos on the SGU cast

I just felt like doing this.

(Age refers to actor age, not necessarily character. I'm pointing the age thing out because MGM billed the show as being geared for a younger group.)

Robert Carlyle
Character: Dr. Nicholas Rush
Age: 48
Born in: Scotland

Justin Louis
Character: Col. Everett Young
Age: 42
Born in: Portugal

Brian J. Smith
Character: Lt. Matthew Scott
Age: 28
Born in: Texas, USA

Alaina Kalanj
Character: Capt. Tamara Johanson
Age: 29
Born in: Vancouver, Canada

David Blue
Character: Eli Wallace
Age: unknown
Born in: New York, USA

Elyse Levesque
Character: Chloe Armstrong
Age: 24
Born in: Unknown

Jamil Walker Smith
Character: Sgt. Ronald Greer
Age: 26
Born in: New York, USA

Character: Camille Wray
Age: 46
Born in: Macau

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