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Liveblogging the Obamafest

This is the only way that I'm going to be able to watch this without puking. And, let's face it, there's nothing else on.

Sully! You darling man.

I hate it when the reporters tell you ahead of time what the topics of the speech are going to be. It's like spoilers for perfectly good political wank.

OMG the President's cabinet is all in one place. Quick, someone call the IRS!

Obama just couldn't wait for a SotU, could he? Geesh.

Running late...

Someone on HotAir pointed out that they must have the Capitol's heat turned up nice and toasty, along with the WH, as Michelle isn't wearing any sleeves. Brr. Heheh.

I love all of the politicians shushing each other like my students do.

Ooh ooh who's going to count the number of times he uses the word 'crisis'?

Hey what the hell, I just lost sound. Damn, I'm going to have to switch networks.

"Invest in our future" = spread the wealth.

And pal, you voted against the reform of Fannie and Freddie.

Now the job number is back to 3.5, eh?

Joe Biden in charge of watching billions of dollars. *shudders*

DOOD how are you going to decide who was a responsible homeowner and who isn't? Are you really going to sit down and hash this out on a case by case business?

"We're going to give money to banks that have proved that they can't be trusted to lend to the right people and then ask them to lend to people! What could possibly go wrong?"

"The cost of not doing anything could be worse." Yes, or it could be better. Or it could make no difference. The point is that NOBODY KNOWS.

Hey. man, Wall Street executives are people too, ya know.

Now I'm waiting for "I feel your pain."

Why does this elegant, eloquent man remind me of nothing so much as a bum on the street corner panhandling?

"The mountain of debt they stand to inherit." And where did 1/3 of that debt just come from, a-hole?


I've had a whole mojito already, I'm not going to be useful much longer.

Yeah how's Japan's economy doing these days?


Oh the Dems are just giddy with all this 'renewable' talk. I think Boxer is going to piddle herself.


You know if we save money on our electric bills that's going to hurt they electricity industry. That can't be a good thing.

"None of this will come without cost. But what the hell, I'm bleeding you people dry anyway, but I figured, what the hell! Let's go all the way, bitch!"

OMG Pelosi just did pee herself with excitement about children's healthcare. Someone wipe that chair down, please.

Hey, her dress is the exact same color as Kermit.

Sweet, Obama's going to cure cancer. It's about time someone did that.

You know what causes cancer? Smoking.

HotAir again: "Geezus….Nancy is going to jump onto his back any minute now and start sucking his earlobes." *laughs until she cries*

You can spend all the money in the world, Obama, and I know you'll try, giving kids the ultimate education. But you know what's going to get in your way every damn time? Parents who don't give a crap about their kids and their communities. And they're everywhere, and they're the difference between a good school and a shitty one.

Teacher incentives based on performance? Did he consult the teacher's union on that?

"Hey folks, while you're strapped for cash, go back to school!"

Oh good he just ensured his ACORN friends 4 years of college.

Hatch and Teddy. Disgusting.

We passed a recovery plan without earmarks? What the fuck?

The magic number is now $250,000. Remember that. If your family makes more than that, you're going to pay for the rest of us. Enjoy.

Three hours (feels like it) later he mentions the military.

This is just the ultimate grab bag something for everyone speech. HOW IS HE GOING TO PAY FOR IT? Oh yeah just by making the top 2% pay their 'fair share'.

The US does torture. They're broadcasting THIS crapfest.

Ok I can't do this anymore. If you need more go watch the comments at HotAir.

Okay back for Jindal.
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