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Thoughts on tonight's 24

Well for the first half Chloe hasn't had much to do but sit around and look worried for her man.

You know, I'm sure Marika meant well, but, um, there had to be a better way, right? What do you think is going to happen when you're trying to blind the driver and you're not wearing a seatbelt.

Slimy Government Guy reminds me of Tom Cruise. Possibly better looking.

The Wormy Couple amuses and disgusts me. Boris and Natasha Dorkfish.

Stupid Dead Natasha. I totally saw that coming, although I thought he might snap her neck or something.

Nobody heard the gunshot? In a building full of FBI agents?

I hope he doesn't think that pathetic self-inflicted wound is going to stand up in court. Eh, he's probably not worried about that.

Naturally Agent Doofus and the Amazing Chloe are the first on the scene.

Oh Agent Doofus this is not going to look good in your personnel file.

Like they wouldn't want Agent Wormy to go to the hospital or something? Dur.

Chloe you rock so hard.

There hasn't been any Horrible Janis in this episode, has there?

DAMN I spoke too soon. *sticks fingers in ears and la la la la las*

Wow Agent Doofus is getting all Jack-mad.

"Put him in holding." Yeah, I want Jack to come torture him. It's about time for a good torturin'!

Meanwhile, Renee is still all catatonic. And Cripple Sister is mad. Hey, your sister is the one who wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Go, Renee. Go have the secks with Jack, you'll feel better.

Aww. Jack you had to go and ruin a moment there.

Renee's had kind of a shitty day, hasn't she? And she doesn't even know about Boris and Natasha yet.

For the record, I agree with Jack. Renee needs to man up.

Still waiting for the 'changes everything' moment.

Don't care about the First Family storyline at this moment.

Bitchy First Daughter needs to go away.

You know, these people at the top really have no idea the kind of crap Jack goes through. All they find out is "Jack did something awesome" and they're all "good, now what". No mention that Jack's out there getting shot at and run into and bitchslapped.

"There's a lot of people to thank. Including Jack Bauer." Damn right, Bill! Jack's too pretty for jail!

Tony, my main man! What exciting new plot point have you uncovered for us?

Oh another attack, excellent.

"By the time the FBI..." You mean by the time Larry finds his ass with both hands?

High-impact target. White House? Capitol? What are they going to blow up this time?

"I need your help." Yeah, Tony, and I need to get laid by that overemotional redheaded agent, what's your point?

Tom Cruise looks nervous. I wonder if the target is the White House.

"The target is the White House!" Ha, I was right!

Sweeeet two hours next week. And maybe Jack will get to torture Tom Cruise while he's at it. That should endear him to Senator Red like WHOA.
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