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Stargate: Atlantis

Unconfirmed (and by that I mean I'm not holding the press release in my hot little hands at this moment) reports that SciFi has 'officially' picked up the Atlantis spin-off.

Beware... Atlantis and possibly SG-1 spoilers in the link below...

SCI FI Channel, already a leader in original dramatic series in cable,
announced today that it has doubled its series development for �04-�05. The
ambitious new programming slate broadens the reach of the Channel by
traveling through the varied universes of comic book publishing, celebrity
producers and A-list writers -- as well as the ever-expanding cosmos of SCI
FI�s successful Stargate franchise. Projects include:

Stargate: Atlantis -- A whole new adventure with a new team begins in the
successful Stargate universe. In this spin-off from MGM Worldwide
Television, a secret base left by the originators of the Stargate is found in
the most unlikely of places�on Earth buried within the ruins of the
legendary civilization Atlantis. The implications of this discovery lead the
team to a distant universe, where they find a primitive human civilization
threatened by a sinister new enemy.


I'm reserving happiness until I see confirmation *g*

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