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Okay. Who's going to explain tonight's BSG to me?

I mean, I get that Ellen, Tigh, Tyrol, Sam and the chick whose name I can't remember Tory were Earth-cylons, and they traveled to the 12 Colonies, right? And the way they got the attacking Cylons to lay off is to promise to make them skin jobs. So they made Leoban and Six and Cavil and Deanna and Sharon and the black guy who was on SG-1 Simon and that other wormy-looking guy Aaron. But then the "skin jobs" decided to attack the Colonies anyway.

What else did I miss?

ETA: From Wiki:

It is revealed in the fourth season that he and the other seven Cylon models were created by Ellen Tigh and the other final four Cylons, and was made in her father's image, as well as being given the name "John" by her. He hates this name and shows deep resentment towards Ellen at being 'limited' by having to live in a human-like body.

Cavil (John) was the first Humanoid Cylon created by the final five. Cavil with the help of the final five created the other 7 humanoid Cylons. Therefore Cavil knew about the final five all along. The final five showed the Centurions how to make Humanoid Cylons in attempt to give them human characteristics (love, mercy). The final five thought that these characteristics would prevent the same type of war that occurred on the 13 colony (Earth). For some reason Cavil rejected the human trait mercy and turned on the final five. Before the war on Caprica started Cavil kills the final five by putting them in a compartment and then cutting off their oxygen. When the final five were resurrected and unboxed John wiped their memories and implanted new memories for their life on Caprica.

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