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General update post

*salutes General Update Post*

Yes I watch too much How I Met Your Mother.

So, topic the first: I'm going to kill myself a cat.

When I got home today I couldn't find either of the girls. This is unusual, since they're almost always sleeping on my bed when I get back from work. Finally Abby roused herself, but she wasn't wearing her collar. Piper was nowhere to be found. I searched all over the place, found Abby's break-away collar behind the washing machine, no Piper. Starting to get freaked out, picturing her choking or for some other reason dropping dead and eventually I'm going to find her little kitty body. After all, if she was just trapped somewhere she would be meowing. I checked inside all the appliances just to be safe. No Piper. I call Mom and ask her to come over and help me look. Wondering if she sneaked out this morning when I was taking out the trash. I can't even make Lost Kitty posters because my printer isn't hooked up.

Then I look up and see Piper on top of my fridge, hiding behind the crock pot and the blender and looking freaked out.

My CSI skills have helped me deduce the following: Abby was nosing around behind the washing machine and got stuck. As she tried to pull herself free she was yowling and freaking out. Piper, probably downstairs, hears this and thinks that there is some kind of cat-eating monster in the house. She retreats to what she feels is a safe place and stays there for at least an hour even though I'm calling for her and shaking kitty treats and what not.

She finally came down off the fridge and now she's sleeping on the back of her armchair. Stupid cat.

Topic the second. I had a meeting with the principal today to set up my last evaluation. It'll be next Tuesday. I'm lucky that my kids are smart enough to know to behave when the principal is in the room and I didn't have any problems with them last time. She told me today that she likes me and wants me to come back next year... which is great, except my position is categorically funded, which means the money has to be OKed all over again every year, and VCUSD, like almost every other district, is having some big money issues. There's a meeting tonight over there because the district has to cut $5 million from the budget for this year. Who knows what'll happen for the 09-10 school year. And if the state overturns class size reduction, we're all screwed.

So, I'm a little stressed. But it's nice to know that the principal is on my side. Unlike the principal at my last school who was a self-righteous harpy.


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