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I'm one of the lucky folks that got a note in the mail from Capital One saying that my rates are going up.

Not just a little. They are MORE THAN DOUBLING.

Now, I can understand going up a little bit, whatever. But doubling? And trust me, after buying a house you get to know a lot about your credit score, and mine is excellent.

So, I send Capital One this email:

I am very disappointed with Capital One's decision to arbitrarily raise my interest rates. I have excellent credit and have always paid my bills on time. And the fact that you have made it so easy for customers to close their accounts is even more insulting, because it shows how little you value the people who keep you in business. Or are you just counting on the Federal government to do that?

99% of the time I pay off my balance in full each month, because that's the responsible thing to do. Theoretically this rate increase would not affect me at all. But because you value your hard-working, trustworthy, responsible customers so little, I will be putting my auto-pay accounts in order and then CLOSING my account with Capital One. I guess I'll be finding something else to put in my wallet.

I'm sure I'll just get some sanctimonious form letter telling me how they didn't REALLY want to do this and it's NOTHING personal but they can blow it up their ass. I'm pissed.

Can anyone recc a reliable CC company?

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