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Come on Madam President. Are you really going to miss your husband all that much? You have to admit, he's a big weenie.

"How am I supposed to know where your loyalties really lie?"

"With all due respect, Madam President, ask around."


I'm kinda bummed that they're bringing Agent Doofus into this. Except now it should be fun watching him be all jealous of the awesomeness that is Jack.


Back to Doofus land. Ewww Janis. I really hate that she is basically usurping the Chloe role.

Jack's all, I hate being out here in bright sunlight. It doesn't do anything for my sneaky coverty image.

Agent Doofus wants to give her a big smooch. Too bad for him that Jack is all business.

"When are you people going to stop thinking everybody else is following your rules? They're not."

Go Jack!

"Renee will not end up like you!"

Oh yes she will. And I will call her... mini!Jack.

"The rules are what make us better." "Not today."

Ooh hard-ass Renee. That was right out of the Book of Jack.

Hee. SUVs may guzzle gas, but they're pretty handy when you're running down bad guys.

You know Renee will feel bad about this, but you know what? You gotta be more careful about who you marry, lady.

Oh, and now she's a widow. Too bad. Should have known better than to go up against the Jack-man.

"Maybe I will." "Yeah." "Tomorrow."

You go, girl.

Jealous doofus! It'd be endearing if it wasn't so pathetic.

Hey, was his phone just making the CTU song?

Wheelchair Rosa is gonna die.

Oh yeah. She's dead.

Back from commercial. Time for the shooting that we were promised in the preview.

Kaboom. Oops. That was kind of silly.

Aww they make such a good team.

That poor beer! Oh the humanity!

Nice slidey move, Jack.

Darn the FG is shot. What a shame. Sure will miss that guy.

Okay maybe he'll live.

Next week looks good.

Yay for hardly any Janis in this ep.

So... who is the traitor?
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