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24 observation

Jack + Renee = awesome.

She's not Chloe, but she's growing on me.

ETA: Janis, Agent Doofus and Wormy Guy = so NOT awesome.

ETA: First Gentleman storyline = major yawn.
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I just don't want Renee to become another of Jack's single season girlfriends - Teri from S1 (yes, she was his wife for a lot longer but only lasted the one season), Sarah from S2, etc. The only person Jack should ever be with is Chloe. ;-)

Yeah, Renee was decent last night - certainly better than she has been.

And yes, the Doofi (is that a plural of Doofus?) at the FBI are such losers.

And regarding Mr Taylor - someone just shoot him now and put him out of our misery, puh-lease!
The only person Jack should ever be with is Chloe. ;-)

Well yes, Chloe is certainly my first choice, but on the other hand I don't want Jack breaking up her marriage ;)

Renee looks like she gets to kick (or at least shoot) some ass next week.
I ask myself every season: Why must there be a Clueless Idiot plotline? The Mr. FLOTUS story really slows down the episode every week.

And I love it that the FBI has a Chloe-wannabe. I sneer at her every week.