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Music Vid: Too Late

So, this is a little out of the ordinary for me, but my new music video is not for SGA, or any TV show, actually. I'm on a Jane Austen kick, so I made a video for the Amanda Root (1995) version of Persuasion. (I know there is a version that is more recent, but I've heard it's less true to the book.) The song is "Too Late" by Fisher and it could well be subtitled, "The Angsty Looks of Anne and Wentworth". The size is 28MB.

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Ooh, nice! I've always liked Persuasion. The newer version, I'm assuming you're talking about the short version the BBC did last year? Yeah. It started out pretty good, but then you realize that they're half-way through the allotted time, and have only covered the first quarter of the book. The last ten minutes of the show had the last third of the book crammed into them; It worked better than I was expecting, but something was lost.

This vid was well done. Thank you.
Oooh, I like. The song is perfect, and I love this movie. I think that's one of the Austen books I haven't yet gotten around to reading, but I plan to eventually.