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So I did go see Inkheart today. More in that in a sec.

But first, you should all be very proud of me. Not because I vacuumed and cleaned today, but because, when I went to the movies, I did not commit multiple homicides.

I went to the theater here in Pittsburg. Ironically enough, it was the only theater in these parts as recently as, oh, '99 or so. Now there's one in Antioch and a new one in Brentwood. But I went to this one because it was conveniently located.

Well, never again. Not because there was anything wrong with the theater itself, but just the... class of people are not what I've gotten used to. I know, that sounds snobbish, but at the Regal and the new Rave I have never experienced...

A guy in overalls (okay that probably is snobbish, but hear me out)

The guy in overalls bringing his family and seating them ONE SEAT DOWN FROM ME in a NEARLY EMPTY THEATER. Seriously, there were about 3 other people in the whole place, and they sat one seat away. Some people do not have an understanding of personal space.

But that could have been forgiven, if they had at least had basic manners. They didn't. They (there were 5 of them, I think) talked all through the previews. Then, as the movie was starting, Farmer Bob gets a cell phone call: AND ANSWERS IT.

(Then there were the two women in front of me; one of them had a cell phone that went off twice because she apparently, judging from her muffled cursing and attempts to sit on it, did not know how to turn off. Morons.)

Finally, about halfway through the movie, after the youngest asked in a nice loud voice for more popcorn, and was not shhed, and Farmer Bob was making occasional comments, I got up and moved down to the end of the row. I doubt they even noticed. May someone cut them off in traffic tonight, or may the buckles on Farmer Bob's overalls become stuck when he really has to pee. That would make me feel better.

(I should mention that he didn't really have the look of a farmer. More like a mechanic. But Farmer Bob sounded better than Mechanic Bob.)


But the movie itself was pretty good. Brenden is a cutie and he didn't precisely mimic his character from The Mummy, which was nice. There's apparently at the least one notable difference from the book (which I bought*) and I'm kinda curious about why they chose to send Dustfinger back, rather than set it up for a sequel. I guess if the movie makes a ton of money and they really want to, there are ways to do it.

*I think I'll start reading it, since I recently finished Persuasion** and started Queen of Camelot only this morning. QoC isn't bad, but I'm not sufficiently enraptured to not set it aside.

** Having read the book, which I bought after I watched the movie, I kinda want to watch the movie again. I think I'd be able to appreciate it better.
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