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So, I have a design dilemma, and I want your guys' input.

I don't know how well I will be able to explain this in pictures, but I'll try.

My kitchen cabinets, which came with the house, are Ikea. As you may have noticed from the pictures I posted a while back, it's a small kitchen and there's not much storage because there are no cabinets in hanging over the counter/breakfast bar. This is good because it opens up the room(s). It's bad because of the lack of storage.

So I decided to get clever... I identified the style of Ikea cabinets and went to their store and bought another cabinet. It is 24" wide, 13" deep and 39" tall. I want to put it on the blank wall that's above the counter with all the water bottles on it.

Here's my design problem. The cabinet is 24" wide. The counter you can see in the picture is about 37" wide... 24" for the lower counter part and 13" for the slightly raised bit. So, do I make the cabinet flush with the inside edge or outside edge of the counter?

Inside edge --
Pros: It would be easier to get to stuff inside
Cons: See that light? Well, if it's mounted on the inside it will be reaaaally close to that light. Also, I'm afraid it will make the kitchen seem even smaller.

Outside edge --
Pros: No issue with the light, keep things in the kitchen area less crowded
Cons: Could be hard to reach across the counter and get things in/out.

So, what do you guys think? Inside or outside?

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