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Ha! I'm watching Alias 1x04 and Jenny, stupid-Will's assistant at the newspaper, is Sarah Shahi, aka Dani Reese from Life.

Hee! She's so cute.

ETA: Wow, and she's much more tan than on Life.

ETA: Sydney and Jack's relationship is sooo messed up. Sydney finds something out about him she thinks is bad and she's like omg I hate you never talk to me again and then she finds out something she thinks is good and she's like hey dad you wanna hang out this weekend? And Jack's just... well, I think I mentioned before that he's an awesome dick.

*watches Vaughn freak out when he realizes Syd thought he was married*

Have I mentioned that this is one of the best. Ships. Eva?

"You just threw your beeper into the Pacific."


"When you're at your absolute lowest, your most depressed, just remember that you... you know... you've got my number."


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