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I just put a picture up all by myself! Like using a level and hammer and nails and everything! *is proud*

Life tonight was pretty wild. I'm pretty pissed that Charlie got shot right before he was going to bring Dani into the conspiracy! I did like drunk Dani demanding Charlie tell her what was going on, though. I'm going to imagine that he refused to let her drive and she spent the night at Charlie's place. In Ted's room? That would be kind of weird. Maybe the sofa. Does he have a sofa?

It's 36F here according to Brr. Snowing in Las Vegas. BRRR.

Random links:

If you're still using IE, knock it off!

Family of 'American Taliban': Waaaaaaaah.

Obama picks Warren; gay leaders flip out

(2nd) Planned Parenthood employee caught ignoring sexual abuse. Yay female empowerment!

The Lone Shoeman strikes!
“It is a time for rebuilding,” President Bush told the Iraqi press. “It is a time for–” A shoe struck Bush in the head. “Ow! What the hell just happened?”

“Oh no!” Maliki exclaimed. “Shoe is grave insult since it rhymes with joo!”

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