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Where can you buy inexpensive keychains? I just need an easy way to tell my mail key apart from my spare door key etc.
Check the Dollar Store. They often have that kind of small item.

Also, welcome Home! Glad you're finally in your new place. :)
I horrified my office when I showed up with a bunch of fluffy kitty, puppy, 1960's style flower, etc keychains - I had picked them up in the dollar section of the local Target. And now I don't have to worry about the stupid piece of paper I taped to a key falling off and leaving it unidentifiable... I know that the pink and yellow daisy is the storeroom key!

You can probably find not-quite-so-horrifying ones at your local dollar store.
Fingernail polish on keys works great.

They also have those brightly colored key sleeves at hardward stores that are inexpensive.
These are my recommendation.. any store that makes keys should have them. They're pretty inexpensive too.