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I haven't done an actual update in a while. So here goes.

My condo now has appliances, TV, phone and internet. My bed is made, most of my furniture is there, and yesterday my sliding doors and window got measured so I can replace their twenty-year-old crappiness with nice new white vinyl dual-paned lovliness. My next job will be to find an electrician to take care of a couple small jobs, and then someone to scrape the 'cottage cheese' off the ceiling, and seal and paint it.

Today we're taking my clothes over, and bathroom stuff, and going food shopping, and I have a guy coming over who represents a bunch of mortgage insurance companies to find out if I really need it and, if so, how much.

Oh, and don't forget bringing over the cats.

I will be sleeping in my new place tonight!

In other news, one more week until Christmas break! Of course the district, like all district, calls it a 'winter break' but they can bite my butt. Monday and Friday are both minimum days, too, which is cool.

Now... time for a shower and breakfast, I think.

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