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Club100 Day 3

364 words tonight. Geesh, is that all? Ha, that makes 4,999 total. I really can't be bothered adding one more.

Using this icon, rather than my Club100 icon, because I've been listening to the Little Mermaid Musical Soundtrack and ERIC IS The SECKS. Did you know in the musical HE GETS HIS OWN SONG?
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My 4yr old neice is obsessed with mermaids, so we have to watch "The Little Mermaid", "The Little Mermaid 2: return to the sea" and "The Little Mermaide 3: The beginning" ALL the time lol!

So I have fallen in love with it and I have to admit I have my first cartoon crush, on Eric ♥ (he is so hot, and those eyes ♥)
Oh yeah. Eric is a total babe. I couldn't get into his character in LM2, though, because his voice wasn't right :(