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Well, my Thanksgiving vacation is officially over. I kind of felt like it was over all day. It's so hard to enjoy that last Sunday before work starts up again.

The cold that I came down with at the start of last week is still with me -- persistent bastard. Right now it is living in my sinuses, giving me a tremendous headache which is worse when I cough or sneeze. I still have some chest congestion but it's not as bad as it was, and my inhaler helps.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I should finally get my appliances delivered. I don't know when the range hood/micro and dishwasher will actually get installed, though. Dad is also going to call ADT (because getting the security system was his idea) about the fact that it's unfiltered and is keeping me from being able to have DSL. Something interfering with Alli's internet is NOT OKAY. I literally will not live there until I have internet. So, yeah.

I finished Dean Koontz's Your Heart Belongs To Me. Okay, not great. Maybe it will improve with a second reading. I didn't actually finish reading Rose Daughter yet but I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about it too. There's a Jack McDevitt book waiting for me at the library... but the library isn't open on Mondays.

Narnia: Prince Caspian and X-Files: I Want to Believe both come out on Tuesday. This makes Alli very happy. On the other hand, Bones is apparently off until January. Sigh.

I have chocolate ice cream on my pants.

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