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So the vampire pop culture thing has been around for a long time, although I think of the modern-day era starting with Buffy. Now, of course, you have Twilight *gags* and True Blood and so on. Now, I liked Angel, but I think that had more to do with David Boreanaz than the subject matter. I have never found vampires inherently sexy, but apparently a lot of people do, so I was compelled to make a random poll.

Poll #1306442 random poll is random!

Vampires: sexy or creepy?

Sexy AND creepy
Neither sexy nor creepy
It really depends on how they're presented and the kind of story. Because that makes a huge difference. They can be used sexily and creepily, but aren't inherently either one. Inherently, I'd call them scary, but not weird and unknowable enough to really count as creepy--if I can understand something, on some level, it's never very creepy for me. And vampires: they drink blood and you can kill them with a stake to the heart. Pretty straight-forward, there.
I tend to find myself leaning toward the werewolves the majority of the time. Cuz ya know they ALWAYS show up in a vamp story.
I've never been a vampire afficianado.

However, I did like B:TVS and Angel, but more for the general quality of the shows than the vampire mystique. And oh, yeah, David Boreanaz, which is why I watch Bones now. :)