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So while I was updating my book list it occurred to me that I haven't done a proper update in a while, so here is.

Still haven't moved into the condo. It seems kind of silly to do so before the appliances are installed. Dad did pay for me to get a security system which wasn't properly installed the first time but now hopefully is. I have TV, phone, utilities and trash pickup. Still need to set up my DSL... or better yet, get my brother to do it.

Praise the Lord for I have the whole week off. This is a good thing because I am now sick and there's no way I would have been able to go into work yesterday and today. It started with sniffles, then a full-fledged head cold, and now it is a lingering head cold and rattling cough. I went to the doctor and he gave me a Z-pack, some Robatussin with codeine (which made me throw up, so it got tossed and mom is buying me some OTC stuff) and told me to use my Albuterol inhaler, which makes me really shaky. A fun time is being had by all. Not. On the other hand there is an adorable baby kitten sleeping on my ankle.

ETA: Oh, I forgot. I went to a concert on Saturday (while I was only in the sniffles stage) and it was pretty sweet. James Otto opened for Trace Adkins and Alan Jackson. For the non-country fans, Trace sings You're Gonna Miss This and Ain't No Thinking Thing (which I made a SJ video to!) and Alan Jackson, among many many others, sings It's 5 'o'clock Somewhere with Jimmy Buffet. The biggest cheer came when Alan Jackson sang Where Were You (his 9/11 song) and when he sang Where I Come From and the video screens showed footage from the Sac area, including Travis AFB. Country music fans are without a doubt the most patriotic anywhere!

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