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This is pissing me off

So, I have TV and phone service at the new place. But getting internet, arguably the most important of all, has been another story.

I figured on getting AT&T phone and internet bundled. Ordered it. No problem. Got cheap phone and the best internet because, well, I do have priorities.

Then I get a call from AT&T saying, um, sorry, we know you ordered the best, fastest internet service but, funny thing, only the slowest service is available in your area.

Me: Grr. Whatever. Just send me the modem/router.

Except - and I should have figured this out myself - they need someone to sign for the modem/router, and of course there's no one at the condo yet 24/7, and even if I had been living there full time the 3 times UPS tried to deliver it I would have been at work anyway. So I need them to resend it, preferably to my folk's address so there is someone there to sign for it. So I call the service number, and I get the old stereotypical Oh I can't do that, call this number. So yesterday I called that number and it can't possibly be the right number because there's no options for customers. And of course there's no one available on Sundays, so I have to wait til tomorrow and try again.

I'm really close to just canceling and going with somebody else, except that everyone else is a lot more expensive. Not a lot of options anyway... just Comcast (yech) and HughesNet (not worth the cost). *sigh*
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