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Can 'o worms, open.

Bill O'Reilly has a really good panel on tonight about the CA Prop 8/gay marriage issue.

I really have to take exception with the 'No' crowd claiming that a 'Yes' vote was made out of hatred. I have absolutely no hatred for gay people. I think civil unions/partnerships are probably a good secular option for consenting single adults of any stripe. I just don't think the traditional definition of the word 'marriage' should be changed, and a majority of California voters (including 70% of African American voters, interestingly enough) seem to agree. I am a little puzzled at all the protests over it after the fact, unless the protesters are just hoping to bring the Supreme Court of California into the matter, to once again state that the opinions of California voters don't matter.

Of course, if Prop 8 had failed, the same people would be declaring "the people have spoken".

If the Yes on 8 crowd is showing hatred towards gays, then the No on 8 crowd is showing hatred towards the 52% of voters who disagree with them.

ETA: By the way, if anyone thinks that my views on this are just too terribly extreme and you feel like you have to unfriend me -- well, that's your choice. Personally, I'd like to think that part of 'tolerance' is about 'tolerating' different opinions.
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