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New tag: hopeandchange. I know tags can have spaces in them but somehow I feel it makes more sense as one. It's like those horrible fandom smush-names.

Foot in mouth disease #1: Obama forced to apologize for lame joke about former first lady Nancy Reagan.

Fun with vetting #1: Obama's chief of staff-to-be, Rahm Emanuel, has serious Freddie Mac baggage. Like $250,000 worth of baggage. Says versuspolitics: If it’s not “cronyism” to appoint a guy Chief of Staff who sat on the board of a firm who funneled money into your campaign while you helped keep his business going only to cause a massive financial panic, then I don’t know what is.

Oh I can't wait to see this Brave New Washington that The One will usher into being!

ETA: Okay, I had to add this... it made me laugh so hard, albeit in a sad, sad way.

At least five people were arrested across the city after Barack Obama's rally in Grant Park, including a woman who slapped a Chicago police officer, saying police couldn't arrest her anymore, prosecutors said today.

Most of the others celebrated the historic occasion with gunfire.

Celita Hart, 19, stood silently in court today when she appeared for a bond hearing.

Prosecutors said Hart, who is black, yelled " 'White [expletive], [expletive] McCain--you white police can't do nothing anymore.'" With that, she reached through the window of a squad car and slapped a white male officer in the face, according to Assistant State's Atty. Lorraine Scaduto.

The incident occurred after police responded to a crowd of people celebrating Obama's win on the corner of 69th Street and Western Avenue. Hart, of the 7100 block of South Rockwell Street, was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer and was ordered her held in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Others who appeared before Circuit Judge Israel Desierto included Andre Murph, 37, of Aurora, who was arrested after police saw him shooting a handgun into the ground on the Southwest Side.

Scaduto said he told the officers he was "shooting to celebrate Obama as president."

Narada Thomas, 23, of the 1200 North Central Avenue, allegedly gave a similar explanation after he was arrested with a handgun near his home. "He said he had the gun because he wanted to celebrate Obama becoming the first black president," Scaduto said.

Kenneth Smith, 24, of the 6700 block of South Ada Street, was arrested after he allegedly fired a handgun outside his home. Smith, who is on parole for a previous weapons conviction, told authorities that "the police only arrested him because a black man won for president," Scaduto said.

Robert Morgan, 54, of the 5700 South Lowe Avenue, appeared to have simply been caught up in the excitement.

When officers arrested him for allegedly firing a handgun into the air from his back porch, "He told the officers, 'Everyone else is shooting off their guns--I figured, why not?'" Scaduto said.
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Stupid jackass. Leave her the hell alone.

I'm sorry, but the first thing he needs to do, and I mean the first thing, is to issue the "change has come" edict that says, "The war ended about 150 years ago. Get over it. Leave each other alone. ALL of you."

Or he could, you know, lead by example. Of course that would require not looking like a jackass.
ugh...and I'm going to this city next week??

*note to self, pack stun gun, bulletproof vest, body armour...umm what else...oh a bat to hit the stupid people!*
My sister-in-law got laid off this week because Obama won. :-( Her place of employment does contracting and they were waiting to see who won and once Obama did, they laid off a bunch of people because they decided business wouldn't pick up now. :-(
On the plus side, she did get a plane ticket here for only $100 and she's coming up a week early for Thanksgiving to help us move. :-) Yay! I get to spend time with my sister-in-law. *sigh* This is my brother's fourth wife, but I like her the best. ;-) *shakes head*