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Finally took some pictures of my new condo!

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Hi, Alli.

What a lovely condo.

I like the different colors of paint in your new home. Perhaps with the green you could touch up with some highlight paint -- gold for example -- with that new paint technique using a sponge. Or use stencils, and paint gold designs on the green. Just a thought.

Sigh. I miss my old home. But I do like my new apt. It's just...tinier. And an apt, so I can't paint it like my old home.

Oh, well. Much less to worry about in my old age.


Hope you are enjoying a nice, rainy November 1st like I am in Sacramento. It's been pouring giraffes and elephants here.

Best wishes.
Well, the green room is going to be my office/guest bedroom, and I'm thinking about something in the mauve family, maybe with some maroon accents.

Yes, it's been raining like crazy here too!