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Finally took some pictures of my new condo!

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It's really nice! I'm happy for you!

Did you get the books I sent you? Hope they were helpful!
omg I forgot to email you. I suck! Thank you soooo much. Those books have been great for the resource kids especially, who are super behind, and they get a kick out of reading 'little kid books' anyway. *rolls eyes* Like as 4th graders they are soo mature.

Thank you again!
I like the blue in the living room. I'm working my decor around it.

The upstairs rooms need to be painted, but it's not on my 'do right away' list or anything.
Hi, Alli.

What a lovely condo.

I like the different colors of paint in your new home. Perhaps with the green you could touch up with some highlight paint -- gold for example -- with that new paint technique using a sponge. Or use stencils, and paint gold designs on the green. Just a thought.

Sigh. I miss my old home. But I do like my new apt. It's just...tinier. And an apt, so I can't paint it like my old home.

Oh, well. Much less to worry about in my old age.


Hope you are enjoying a nice, rainy November 1st like I am in Sacramento. It's been pouring giraffes and elephants here.

Best wishes.
Well, the green room is going to be my office/guest bedroom, and I'm thinking about something in the mauve family, maybe with some maroon accents.

Yes, it's been raining like crazy here too!